ProWeld seeks to provide solutions to customer problems. We have extensive experience in the industrial and mining area, we know the needs of this area and we know how to treat each request.

ProWeld excels in providing the best solution for every need. Our customers trust us because we put in place, analyze problems together, we seek the solution and develop.

We understand that a detainee by machinery or equipment fails, causing heavy losses, and generates mistrust of maintainers.

ProWeld provides service maintenance welding and fabrication of steel structures. We have developed efficient methods of repair by welding machinery and earthmoving equipment, such as truck chassis extraction, mining shovels, hoppers, buckets of excavators, drills, and other equipment.

We know the type of steel base material, apply the appropriate procedure, and deliver a successful outcome.

Incorporated ProWeld repair service accommodations bushings, bearings and pins. This service is performed also on ground that modern boring machines and filled by welding with continuous wire system. With this machine we minimize intervention times on computers, optimizing the deposition of fill material and improve the quality of the repair.

We have a mobile workshop, which allows us to go where we are needed. This unit is equipped with all you need to act autonomously. Equipped with machines, tools and equipment certified and inspected continuously to prevent failures.